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    I am reading and thinking about the new book Mindset.  The author made a keynote presentation at the National Association for Gifted Children, its contents were presented at the 2009 TAGT conference, and it was reviewed at the Kansas conference for Gifted and Creative Children.  Those are just the venues I have seen.  There are those who so firmly believe in what Dr. Dweck has to say that they refer to themselves as Dweckies.

    I would like to know your feelings about the author’s take on the two types of mindsets and the implications of each.  I have some reservations about her research and her point of view, although I cannot disagree with the basic premise that all children can learn when provided a safe environment to learn and to learn to fail.

    One of my concerns is that some educators will read into her work that we do not need to identify children as gifted because all children have the potential to be gifted if their mindset is one that is open to challenge and learning.  That is NOT what Dr. Dweck says; it is an interpretation that can be made by those who believe that all children are gifted (All children are gifts, but not all are gifted.).

    I would like your insights and input.